Maksimikha Industrial and Food Cluster is the largest food logistics and production cluster in the Moscow region.

Maximikha is a progressive space that ensures the effective interaction of all participants in the supply chain, from manufacturer to retailer.

Maksimikha offers cutting-edge solutions for the interaction of retailers, suppliers and producers of fresh food and products requiring low-temperature storage, integrating them within a single cluster.

Comprehensive cost reduction for producers, suppliers and retailers in fresh food supply chains for the Moscow region.


The cluster is located in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region near the federal highways M4 Don, M2 Krym, and the Central Ring Road, on the territory of the special economic zone Maksimikha.

The cluster is equipped with access roads with links to the Kashirskoye Highway near the junction with the M4-DON highway, so it is possibile to move both in the direction of Moscow and the regions.

Eight kilometers away from the Maximikha, the Usady multimodal center is located, a unique solution for organizing transportation in Russia and neighboring countries.

    Cluster Facilities

    Maximikha Industrial and Food cluster provides residents with modern infrastructure for conducting and developing business and offers a comprehensive range of services.

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